Service exchanges quality and security

Internet offers great opportunities for people to connect. Easy and anonymous connections however involve also risks about their reliability. In order to make the most of a website that is not only useful but also safe, several measures are designed to promote the quality and security of exchanges on our site:

  • Online profiles do not show the identity nor the address of site members or registered users, only first names and localities are displayed. You are free to communicate your personal data only to members of your choice.
  • Following a service exchange, satisfaction is rated and the index of evaluations received is visible on all members profile.
  • The address provided by members (not displayed online) is confirmed by a validation code sent by postal mail.
  • The symbolic annual fee of 10.- ensures that registered members are involved in the site purpose. The online credit card payment ensures moreover members traceability and identification, if necessary.
  • A reciprocity index, the number of services received and offered to all other site members in general, is shown on each member's profile.
  • When they're away, some owners prefer to leave their pet in its own house and have someone come and feed it. We draw your attention to risks and responsibilities involved in giving your home keys and sharing personal security information. If you choose this type of arrangment, we recommend you do so only if your pet can be fed from out of the house, and come and go freely through a pet door for example.
  • When you arrange a service with a new member, if possible we recommend to meet beforehand, to get to know each other and exchange general information.
  • If you have doubts, do not feel comfortable or fear for your pet security, do not proceed with a service arrangement.