Exchange Principles & Recommendations

  • MyPetSitting offers service exchanges based on reciprocity and solidarity. With appropriate attention, service exchanges between members improve our quality of life and our cherished pets’ comfort.

  • One’s needs don’t necessarily match another one’s availability, for this reason reciprocity on our site applies to other group members in general, and not between two specific persons.

  • In other words, when you benefit from another member’s help, you commit to help in return another site member, but not necessarily the one who helped you previously, especially when this is not possible.

  • Service exchanges are easier for both pets and owners when there have been previous contacts with a hosting member. You are encouraged to favor service exchanges with some chosen members. You will feel more secure leaving your pet, and so will your pet by recognizing a familiar environment.

  • Service exchanges on our site are free and unlimited. Pet owners provide all equipment necessary to their pet’s care (food, food plates, leash and collar, cat litter, litter box, etc.). They commit to reimburse any unexpected and necessary cost incurred (e.g. emergency veterinary care, food supplement, etc.)

  • The member offering the service, in return, guarantees to prevent any possible escape, keeping cats from outdoor access, and always keeping dogs on leash during walks.