Exchange Principles

• Pet owners provide all equipment necessary for their pet’s care. Depending on needs, they will provide food in appropriate quantity, food bowl, litter and litter box, leash and collar, carrying case, etc.

• Pet owners provide their pet’s immunization record booklet, pet passport, a veterinary phone number, and an emergency phone number to contact in case of emergency while their pet is taken care of.

• Pet owners reimburse any necessary and unexpected additional cost, caused while their pet is taken care of by another site member. For instance, emergency veterinary treatments, food supplement, etc. Discuss this beforehand, in order to agree on what will be considered necessary costs and what ill not be.

• Members share all important information to prepare contact between their pets, in particular pets’ immunization, sterilization, etc.

• Make sure to communicate all necessary information about possible special needs or hosting restrictions.
If your pet has a special behavior, for instance related to hygiene or noise, be honest and help the other member in preventing any possible inconvenience while taking care of your pet.

• If a pet is not familiar with young children, we recommend testing its behavior and reactions, beforehand.

• A member who takes care of another member’s dog, guarantees to always keep it on leash during outdoor walks. We recommend to give a hosted dog access only to a fenced garden, and under supervision, to prevent any possible escape.

• A hosted cat should not be given outdoor access. Make sure all doors and windows are secured, in order to prevent the cat from leaving the house and possibly getting lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, or to disappear while trying to get back home.

• Before any service exchange, the contract provided on the site must be completed, adapted, and electronically validated by both parties. It will allow you to agree clearly on everyone’s commitments and responsibilities, and to keep each profile's indicators updated.

• MyPetSitting is a platform offering its members the opportunity to organize service exchanges directly between pet owners. The site does not hold responsibility for any complication or difficulty faced during arranged service exchanges. Please read carefully our Terms and Privacy Policy before using the site.

• MyPetSitting network is guaranteed by a double security. The home address provided is checked by a postal mail, the code received must be entered to validate all members profile on the site. Fees credit card payment also guarantees all members identification.

• Help us improve the site quality and our exchange offers reliability. Please report any abuse  or share with us your suggestions and personal exchange experiences.

• Take part in our photo contest and send us your best exchange experience souvenirs. Selected photo will win a free annual membership to MyPetSitting, and their photo will be published on the site’s photo album.